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Under 7's Debut season 2017/2018

Under 7's Vipers with Sponsor PC Howard

Under 7's Viper's with Sponsor PC Howard Ltd.

Other team's will be shown in weeks to come

AFC Rushden & Diamonds Vipers (Away) vs Earls Barton (Home)

Coaches Mike Early and myself arrived early along with Darren Fisher, experienced goal maker! Vipers kick off first we had to ensure the pitch and was ready for the first ever Vipers game. With the help of parent and board member John Arras we built the goals ready for kick off at 9am.

8:30am – Players arrived full of excitement.

8:35am – A photo opportunity with our sponsor PC Howard.

8:40am- The warm up. Dribbling with the ball in the goal area and practising, skills such as drag backs, step overs and curvers. We then huddled our team for the pre-match talk. We reiterated the diamond formation to the players and gave tasks to each player depending on their position.

8:50am - Captain arm band. Mike and I decided to give equal opportunity to the players we are going to rotate the captain each week, based upon hard work and dedication during training. When we presented the captain band the other players clapped and congratulated the player.

8:53am - After the team talk back to some more ball work ‘Lots of little touches’, ‘keep the ball close to you’.

8:58am – Diamond Position ready for kick off.

9am- Vipers to take kick off.

The first Half-

Lots of positive ball work from Vipers, some fantastic runs up the wing with some shots on target saw a great battle for the first 6 minutes. A substitution was made. Some fantastic saves from our keeper, nothing was getting past him. Our team was put under pressure by Earls Bartons long over head kicks.

Half Time – 9:15am

Happy faces from the players and positive encouragement from Mike and I persisted with the enjoyment. Continuing with the diamond formation, but a swap in players we were ready for the second half.

The Second Half- 9:20am

Earls Barton kicked off and we challenged straight away, putting pressure on their players. We dominated the wing and saw a run from the half way line into the box. Another substitution was made. Earls Barton attacked with some powerful shots, our defence doing everything possible to abstain Earls Barton. Out of possession we surrounded their Stricker, a great tackle turned into positive dribbling and shielding of the ball saw our striker and wingers move forward.

Full time – 9:35am

As the boys and coaches shook hands our supporters cheered in delight our first game and some excellent football.

COACH - Mike Early

I am so proud of all the players. They all did fantastically well and didn’t appear fazed at all bu the favct this was their first ever league game. They showed great team work and togetherness and played with great attitude which is a credit for the club

SPONSOR 0 PC Howard – Outstanding performance from the boys. I love the team spirit and the commitment from all players and the supporters. Most of all I loved the celebrations and how the boys celebrate together

AFC Rushden & Diamonds Ninjas (Away) v AFC Rushden & Diamonds Predators (Home)

10am – Both teams arrive, 11 excited players ready to play

10:10 am – Both teams separate to carry out their warm up

10:25 am – Both teams carry out their team talks

10:35 am – The teams take their positions on the pitch

10:40 am - Kick off

Two friendly teams come up against each other to put into place all the hard work from the training sessions. Both teams demonstrating positive ball work to keep the ball as long as possible. Some lovely passes and some brave ball work from both teams see both teams celebrate.

10:55am - Half Time

Both teams disperse to their coaches for half time encouragement. You can see the delight from all the players as they are very excitably to regain their positions on the pitch.

11:00 am - Second Half

Kick off starts, both teams putting pressure on each other. Fantastic defending from Ninjas and some great runs Predators. More great celebrations.

11:15am – Full time

As the boys and coaches shake hands, their supporters cheered in delight for their first game. Great to see so many Vipers and other AFC Coaches there to show their support.

COACH- Peter Jones

Super proud of all these boys! Really went at it! All players played their part and got stuck in.

COACH – Darren Fisher

Really well done, I thought they all played dome excellent football. Really proud of you all keep working hard in training.

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