Meet the Volunteers


Below are brief details about some of the volunteers who help run our football club. You will also find details of their areas of responsibility and contact details for each

Mark Cullen

Mark has been with the club for 6 years since his son joined us in Little Diamonds. He started out as a coach and did this until 2017. He progressed to Vice Chairman and then also took over the roles of Secretary and Coaching Lead. He has now taken over as Chairman from Matt Culwick. He is very passionate about youth football and has a great vision for our club with many ideas and that's why as all would agree, he is the right man for the job.

Key Area: Club affairs


Louise Rainbow

Louise takes great care in looking after the finances of the club, from dealing with subs from coaches, paying invoices for facilities and equipment purchases, through to authorising coaching courses for the coaching staff, nothing gets past her beady eye. She was the recipient of the volunteer of the year award recently.


Key Area: Finance


Helen Garlick
Charter Standard Co-ordinator
Mark Rust
Head of Fundraising

She makes sure all our coaches and volunteers are supported when looking after their qualifications and certification. The clubs Charter standard status is in her hands :-) Safe!


Key Area: FA Charter Standard


From Fun Day to FIFA Night, one person is behind it all, bringing in the pounds that enable us to function and grow as a club, develop our coaches, purchase better equipment, and improve our facilities, all in the remit of this go getter.


Key Area: Fundraising


Gary Knight
Coaching Lead
Tracy Stephen
Child Welfare

Gary is our main contact for all of the coaches. Gary's position will mean he will be working with them closely to help develop them and provide them with the information they need to coach

Key Area: Coaching Lead 


Tracy is the one tasked with making sure that your children are treated correctly whilst in our care, helping to identify any signs of issues or problems they may be experiencing. She is also responsible for ensuring that all coaches, helpers and volunteers have the correct DBS and criminal records check completed as per the FA guidelines.


Key Area: Child welfare


Naomi Baciu
Fundraising and Child welfare
Alan Wookey
Walking football Lead

Although Phil does not form part of our official team, my goodness the things he does for this football club, time, effort, skills, knowledge and experience above and beyond and without question. Phil, we owe you so much and are lucky to have you.

Alan has been with our walking football almost from the start and now has it under his control with the help of a couple of other long termers.

They play Monday Nights at The Ferrers School in Higham


Key Area: Walking football


Phil Cox
Callout man

Naomi has joined the board to help with the ever developing role of fundraising and finance 

Key Area: Fundraising and Finance Support