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Teams in Focus - Under 10's

Under 10's set up for a tourney

Under 10's set up for a match day in the summer.


Jack has moved from Rebels to Warriors this season and has settled in really well. They are a great team of boys and have made Jack feel very welcome and part of the team. The team have made a great start to the season and are getting better every week. They seem to know their positions now and this shows in how they play. I can see them becoming a really good team. They are improving individually and as a team each week which you can see in training and at matches. You can see that all the boys love football and enjoy playing every week. As a parent I think Rushden & Diamonds is a great club to be part of 😊 .


The Warriors have totally gelled this year. The lads know their positions, they talk to each other and you can now see them playing strategically and with purpose. They are getting wins and completely deserve them. As a parent, something else I’m really proud of them for, is their kindness, respect and compassion for each other; and other teams. I am proud to be a parent of an under 10's Warrior!



The Rebels are a great bunch of energetic, happy bunch of lads to help train they turn up every week and have come together really well as a team, the results are not going our way at the moment but that doesn't stop them from going out there everyweek and giving 100% they battle hard individualy and as a team and they never give up which as a coach/parent makes me really proud of them all.


What an amazing start to the season for the Rebels. They are truly ‘little Rebels’ on the field, never giving up in the face of adversity. Although we haven’t had many wins, Rebels have worked very hard and always have the other team under pressure.

Every week, from training to matches, they go from strength to strength. Putting into practise whatever they learnt, making their coaches proud.

As a parent of one of the ‘little Rebels’ I must say I am happy with the level of training, support and care our boys receive from the coaches. They give up a lot of their free time to run extra sessions for the boys; they want the boys’ skills to improve and help boost morale and confidence.

The boys encourage each other all the time. They all seem to love being on the team and I believe that it is mainly due to the tireless efforts of their coaches.

Looking forward to the second part of the season and seeing the boys continue to put into practise what they learn in training.


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