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Next seasons playing kit!

Coming soon will be an opportunity to vote for our 2018 - 202 playing kit.

In previous seasons we have always worn the bespoke home shirt as donned by our first team, this has had its critics as the lead times are much longer than off the shelf kits and being brilliant white has possibly caused a little bit of extra work for parents when their child comes home from a mid November game played during a storm at Bozeat :-)

So this year we plan to have the children vote for the kit they wish to play in, the choices coming from the off the shelf options currently being voted on by AFC members plus the third (Grey) kit.

AFC members are currently voting from the following options;

Current Third kit:

Voting for the first team kit ends on the 14th of March with the result being made known shortly after.

Once we know which shirts have been chosen for the first team we will then create a poll for our players to vote on, this will be shared on the community page and squad pages of Facebook.

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