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Club Statement

After the recent news of our club chairman stepping down we put out a plea to all asking for people to come forward and offer their time and effort to assist in running our football club. We are over the moon to report that we did have some amazing people who we met with last night who said "yes, I am willing to volunteer and play a part in making this the best club it can possibly be"

We would like to introduce to you five people who last night went from having a connection with the club in one way or another to becoming probably more involved than they ever envisaged, welcome to AFC Rushden & Diamonds Board;

John Arras, Naomi Baciu, Daisy Finch, Peter Jones and Gary Knight.

Last night we also allocated roles / responsibilities for our new volunteers and one old one.

John Arras will become the facilities lead after a handover period working as with Sinade.

Peter Jones will take on a communications lead role - managing content on Facebook and our website whilst also exploring other means of communication both internally and with potential external partners.

Gary Knight will become our coaching lead - tasked with developing our coaches through external means, establishing a link with our academy, bringing together knowledge and information into a coaches online portal.

Naomi Baciu and Daisy Finch will become involved with fundraising and finance in roles that will be developed in the coming months.

One other change made last night was one involving one of our current volunteers whereby those in attendance voted for Mark Cullen to take on the role recently vacated by Matthew Culwick, becoming responsible for the leading our club until the next AGM in 2018.

New roles, new ideas, new impetus, same club, same set of values, let's make 2017-2018 the best AFC Youth season ever.

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