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We need you!

Those involved with our club will know that we have unfortunately lost the services of our Chairman Matthew Culwick in the last week and with that in mind we need your help to assist us in running your child's football club.

As we are about to head in to the 17-18 season we need mums and dads of our players or other members of the local community to put themselves forward to help run the club.

The youth teams run independent from the first team both financially and organisationaly, although we do work closely together as we have the same goal to give Rushden and the surrounding conurbations the best first team and youth teams in the area.

To have any chance of delivering a top quality football club for our community and it's children we need volunteers, we already have a great bunch involved but need 3 or 4 more if we are to push on and achieve our goals.

At present we have 5 members of the board that work across the following areas;

Finance, Fundraising, Secretarial, Coaching, Facilities and equipment, First team links, Long term planning, Child welfare, Charter Standard.

Quite a few of these areas tick over from year to year but with the addition of 3 or 4 new faces we want to dedicate some time to making major improvements in areas such as coaching and long term planning.

We are inviting anyone from the local area to put themselves forward to come and join a team that wants to push the club further forward in the coming years. If you think you could possibly have something to give, please email your contact details and provide answers to the two questions below with short paragraphs;

Why do you want to come on board and assist in the running of AFC Rushden & Diamonds Youth C.I.C?

What skills do you posses that you think would be a benefit to this youth football club?

Without you this club will not be able to make further progress so please come and join us.

Best wishes for the new season, Mark

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