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We've done it again

Today we received confirmation that for the 11th year running we have attained the FA's Charter standard status.

Huge thanks to Helen Garlick for all her hard work in getting us to attain all the FA's requirements and thanks to all our coaches , committee members and parent helpers for all they have done in the last 12 months to get us this award.

Here is some information on what being a F.A Charter Standard club means;

Overall, FA Charter Standard status is a clear demonstration to all parents, sponsors and the public, that a club:

  • Is well-organised, safe and offers opportunities for all

  • Has FA-qualified coaches as standard

  • Adheres to FA Respect Policies and Codes of Conduct

  • Prioritises Child Welfare

  • Maintains appropriate levels of discipline

  • Has access to the County FA and FA regional workforces

  • Can use the coveted ‘Three Lions’ FA crest on its marketing and business materials

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