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AFC Rushden & Dia’muds’ complete the Wolf Run

AFC Rushden & Dia’muds’ complete the Wolf Run

We clearly all love our football club otherwise why else would 10 of us decide to run a 10K muddy obstacle course to raise money for it?

The Wolf Run is wild running, a unique combination of three kinds of off-road running: mud runs, trail runs and obstacle runs. It’s a mixture of uneven terrain, deep muddy bogs, cargo nets, tunnels and lakes to swim through as well other natural & manmade challenges and therefore it’s no mean feat…despite this a few mad parents, coaches and members of the board decided to give it a go. The majority of us had fuelled up in the morning, some not, due to nerves, and were ready to go.....excitement and nerves were the general feelings amongst the group beforehand but the adrenaline seemed to be pumped so spirits were high. It could have been slightly warmer for a Sunday in June but we didn’t care, well we didn’t until we hit the first river!!

Deep muddy water to wade or swim through under cargo nets, deep bogs that take 2 other people to drag you out from, nearly losing shoes along the way, slides, hay bale tunnels, stacked logs to climb up and rivers & lakes to swim through……any more detail becomes a bit of a blur when you’re soaked, covered in mud and have your Chairman shouting “RUUUUUN” over a 10K distance.

There were many painful & exhausting moments throughout the course for all of us but many laughs as well and just over 2 hours later, soaked through and covered in mud from head to toe, we approached the finish line….we had done it! we had a celebratory dance over the finish line, proud of ourselves?….yes we were!

Once we were all finished and showered off we headed to the bar for a well deserved and much needed drink.

We are all chuffed at what we have achieved, personally and for our football club raising over £400.

Tracy Stephen, head of Youth fundraising wants to do it again, as soon as she can……

“After Saturdays constant rain, Team Diamonds were lucky as the sun was shining on Stamford Hall, Lutterworth as they arrived to take on the Wolf Run.

10km of muddy terrain, climbing walls, lake brown foamy slides, small tunnels, smelly ponds and treacherous deep muddy swamps.

Within seconds we had to run through a river and then muddy banks to take us on our muddiest challenge ever! Most of us had never done anything like this before and although it was very challenging I believe most of us would do it again…we must be mad!”

A massive well done to

Tracy Stephen,

Matt Culwick,

Louise Rainbow,

Dan Richards,

Dave Pickering,

Antony Clegg,

Laura Broughton,

Kayleigh Walsh,

Scott Bayes

Kerri Arnold-Baylis

You really do lead by example.

If you have forgotten to donate then it’s not too late, please visit

Before Sunday!

See more action photos HERE

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