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Champions retain their title

They have only gone and done it again!

Rushden Stars juniors Under 16's clinched the league title for the second year running on Saturday, winning four and drawing one on the final day of the league season left them 14 points clear of Wellingborough OG's at the top of Northamptonshire Ability Counts Football League.

Having played 30 games starting way back in October last year the sun shone on the final days tournament over at S&L in Corby.

Our open age team finished second in thier league,​ missing out by two points to Delos S&L in a tense final set of matches, Delos getting the one win they needed to take the champoionship.

Parent helper Simon Barrett gives us his veiw of what has been another astounding season for our multi-disability teams.

"A year in the life of a Disability player for Rushden Stars;

Our disability programme has continued to grow and we have to 2 full squads with age groups arranging from the ages of 10 into adults and we are leading the way in developing disability football throughout the county.

We defended our league title for 2014-2015 within our under 16 year and we've all seen so much passion within the league and great improvement within all teams and enjoyed our final festival on 6th June from which we carried away the league title for the 2nd year running.

Sadly several of our youth squad have come of age and will step up to the Adult league which has a vast amount of talent within its first year within the New Adult League.

Our Adult team had a slow start for the season and picked up speed and found great success within the later stages of the season. I would like to thank Andy our coach who supported them and also has a disability himself and helped them to this great position within the group, they are all looking forward to next season.

With our league finished for the season, we are not slowing down as we have been invited to loads of summer festivals across the country. Just to name a few at this stage.

  • West Brom Pan Disability league Festival

  • AFC Bournemouth Beach Football

  • Norwich Pan Disability Festival

  • MK Dons Pan Disability Festival

  • Northampton Town Pan Disability League Cup Festival

There lots of opportunities for any age and ability to join in either recreationally, through a League or Just Play, or competitively within our teams that has over 20 teams that can cater for a range of impairments within the League.

We have seen lots of home grown talent within new and existing players develop and move into centres of Excellence which has an excellent record of progressing players into national teams.

Our Disability League has gone from strength to strength from its creation back in 2012. With its own independent committee the league has grown into 3 age brackets through to adult. The league runs separate Junior and Adult divisions with lots of tournaments throughout the year.

Northampton FA is committed to developing opportunities for footballers with a disability, whether as a player, coach, referee, or volunteer.

Disability Football has grown in Northamptonshire, and there are many opportunities to play around the County, including many inclusive clubs for children, adults, and women’s players. Northampton FA’s Disability Football Facebook and twitter pages have current information, fliers and photos.

Northampton FA runs and supports a number of Disability Football initiatives across the county including:

  • - Northampton Ability Counts Disability Football League

  • - Centre’s of Excellence for talented players with a disability

  • - Training Courses

  • - Deaf Friendly Football Clubs

  • - Wheelchair Football Clubs & Events

  • - Northampton Syndrome Football Programme

Northampton FA has also been able to support the development of Pan-Disability Football sessions in new areas across the county to localise Football opportunities for people with disabilities.

This has been supported by the Disability Football Development Fund (DFDF) and working with FA Charter Standard Clubs. The new activities for adults and children with disabilities have been created lots of areas within Northamptonshire."

See you all Soon, Simon

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